By Moroso

Capturing the lightness in the full, the softness in the solid, and making it a project. Patricia Urquiola confirms her intuition and designs a modular system that is new in terms of shape and construction. The approach is technical: an aluminum frame, rounded wooden legs, abundant cushions, small tables and horizontal surfaces. Few components, easily assembled and interchangeable. The result surprises and deceives the senses. The fullness of the modules contrasts with the lightness of platforms which, like imaginary stilt houses suspended on the floor, seem to defy gravity. The legs, apparently unrelated to the frame, are pillars where they can be anchored and aggregated in multiple compositions: For the upholstery, a wool jersey – soft, elastic both in length and in width – follows the shapes, outlined with elegant accuracy by the pleats,

Seat in fire-retardant polyurethane foam in different densities and polyester fiber on aluminum frame with polyester/PVC composite stretched mesh. Backrests/armrests in injected flame retardant foam and polyester fiber with internal steel structure. The legs are in powder-coated cast aluminum, with optional natural varnished turned ash covering. Insoles in polypropylene. The Tender collection has removable covers.