Our process

Collaborating with You for Personalized Procurement & Design Solutions.

At Oben Shops, we work closely with Architects, Interior Designers, Real Estate and Construction Professionals, offering a comprehensive range of Furniture, Procurement & Design Services. Our expertise extends across all sectors, including Commercial, Contract, Residential, Healthcare and Institutional fields.

We understand that every project is unique, which is why we take a personalized approach. Our goal is to help you save time and money while ensuring you receive the highest quality of design. Take a look at our process below to gain a deeper understanding of how we work.

Phase 1


01. Project Kick Off

Phase 2


02. Budget
03. Sourcing
04. Request for Quotes
05. Substitutions
06. Purchasing
07. Project Management

Phase 3

Coordination & Shipping

08. Logistics Management
09. Warehousing + Distribution
10. Delivery + Installation




Working with Interior designers, architects or directly with the client, we collaborate closely at the earliest stages of the project to review available product information to build a detailed statement of requirements, clearly identifying the project scope.




Leveraging our knowledge of similar projects we collaborate with your project team to develop working budgets and cash flow forecasts based on the requirements of the overall project cost plan and programme.



Focusing on quality, price and on time delivery, we will work with our extensive supply chain to source the optimum products for your project, ensuring your design team board at every stage.


Request for quotes

Once selections have been made we will manage all communications, purchase orders and requests for quotations with all approved suppliers.



We utilize our unique background and purchasing power to uncover alternative products and materials required to meet your budget or programme.



From issuing RFP’s and negotiating with suppliers to extract maximum value for your project to issuing and tracking all purchase orders we manage every aspect of the FF&E purchasing process all the while ensuring we are monitoring budget to keep it within scope.


Project Management

We oversee and manage all aspects for the FF&E process through planning, processing, client coordinating, logistics, support, communication, delivery and installation. Client and product coordination.

Coordination & Shipping


Logistics Management

Working collaboratively with our global logistical partners we schedule and coordinate the most cost effective in-bound transportation warehousing and delivery with real time status updated.

a. Local delivery
b. Ocean freight
c. Tracking/expediting


Warehousing + Distribution

Our warehouses will receive, inspect and careful manage all of your FF&E items for the duration that you need. Any inspections that require a claim will be handled and submitted by our team.


Delivery + Installation

Our dedicated installation team plan, manage and oversee all aspects of the FF&E installation implementing a turnkey approach of positioning, inspecting items ready for handover. We have experiences installers that can provide on-site modifications, assembly, custom installations, art installations and equipment handling.

Additional Services

Sourcing + Curation

Fabrics + Finishes

Photorealistic Renderings

Model Suite + Common Area Fulfillment

Staging + Styling Services

Interior Designer + Architect Referral Programs