By Moroso

A collection characterized by the combination of two volumes, a padded shell that wraps the large seat cushions in continuity. Curved shapes enhanced by the total absence of edges and by the softness of the fabric, a sensory stimulus embellished by a quilted decoration where the thread, like a pencil, marks an elegant three-dimensional geometry. Redondo's design is inspired by the padded interiors of American cars of the 50s and 60s, the soft shapes of the bodywork, the on-the-road comfort that accompanied long journeys between the East and West Coasts. The point of view is, for the viewer, that of a stage where small daily stories happen.

Injected flame retardant foam and polyester fiber with internal steel structure. Feet in polypropylene. The fabric used to cover the collection is quilted based on a design by the designer Patricia Urquiola. The Redondo collection has removable covers, with the exception of the armchair (code 061).