By Moroso

From a broken shell fragment smoothed by the waves, Patricia Urquiola designs a collection of chairs designed for the home and public spaces. The Scandinavian influence, evoked by your name, is in the reference to Arne Jacobsen and in the presence of an elongated cut, a metaphor for the inlets of the northern coasts. As in a natural cycle, the shell of the armchair, re-generated by time and water, becomes a small armchair and then a stool again. The broken form, from an abstract concept, is transformed into a design object: soft lines that support and welcome, highlighted by the accuracy of the visible stitching in continuous harmony with the essentiality of the structure.

Swivel armchair in injected flame-retardant foam with internal steel structure. Square base in powder coated steel. Available with fixed cover (code 03K) or prepared (code 03G) for the addition of a cotton gel quilt (code 340).