By Moroso

Dealing with the "capitonné" by interpreting it in an original way, revolutionizing its concept. Patricia Urquiola designs a family of products whose shape seems liquid, as if it were going to melt on the structure, creating soft, enveloping, almost casual lines, where the fabric or leather is fixed to the body with press studs. The object seems to wear a shawl on its shoulders, a series of cushions of various types are superimposed on the seat: an almost obsessive search for the covering, rich, overlapping of different leathers and materials, colours, fabric processing. A sort of luxury patchwork that when worn, gives the object a nomadic and global spirit.

Structure in injected flame retardant foam with internal structure in resin. Powder coated steel base, swivel for armchairs cod. 061 and 001. In the armchair cod. 061 the optional cushion is recommended: 50×50 Bohemian cod. BH0080