Bikini Island

By Moroso

Planning relationships, drawing trajectories to take possession of the spaces that current events have. Bikini is a landscape born of time and of the society that expresses it. Waiting areas, domestic environments, the compositional flexibility is linked to the lack of need for a correspondence between the conformation of the space and the arrangement of the elements of the system, which due to their aesthetic and functional variety allow an uncommon transversal use. Stools, tables, coat stands, containers, shelves, screens, support and seating surfaces: each element contributes to the relationship and interaction. An interweaving of functions and meanings that shifts the idea of ​​the sofa from a television front or place of rest to an (open) epicenter of relationships.

Elements in fireproof, non-deformable polyurethane foam in different densities and polyester fiber with internal wooden structure. Feet screwed to the structure in black polypropylene. The optional backrest cushions are in goose down. The Bikini island collection has removable covers, with the exception of the benches cod. M23-M32-M35-M36 which have the seat removable with a zip.