By Moroso

Sushi, Karmakoma, Juju, Donut, Joy, damask embroidery, oriental symbols, floral decorations and techno-grids: a collection that finds a very strong identity reference in the overlapping density. Accumulation of stimuli, reading follows the order of a list, a crazy and maniacal flow that ranges from architectural forms to different cultural imaginaries. Tradition, future, digital rationality, three-dimensional, romantic and psychedelic intoxication, visual melting pot, textile horror vacui, harmony, shamelessness, gentleness and geometric severity…an endless succession of images and visions, which neither frightens nor intimidates but welcomes in a soft , hypnotic kaleidoscope.

The Blue Edition of the Sushi Collection for Moroso is inspired by the original Sushi series, a playful range of sophisticated seating for lounge areas. While the original line is characterized by an abundance of color, the Blue Edition has a more majestic presence, with delicate geometric patterns on hues ranging from cerulean to royal blue to cobalt. In addition, the collection will also include variants in red, green and gray.
Sushi Collection is designed to offer a wide range of seating options for lounge areas: outdoor benches and ottomans, high-back chairs for intimate conversations and vis-à-vis appointments. The surprising variety of shapes transforms spaces into landscapes where harmonious colors and patterns form the glue between the various elements. All fabrics are made from robust and exceptionally comfortable Febrik materials.

Shell in injected flame-retardant foam with internal steel structure. Base in varnished ash. Seat cushions in polyurethane foam and polyester fibre, back cushions in goose down. The Sushi Edition collection does not have removable covers, with the exception of the cushions.