By Moroso

Creatures with a delicately disturbing identity, docile and harmless. Anomaly is a project that thrives on contradictions, halfway between the visionary manipulation of a body and the design of a companion object. The choice of materials and the color of the natural leather, if interpreted as a zoomorphic transformation that has taken place, accentuate the organic, ambiguous and mysterious reading; if included in a cosmetic dimension, they recall the warm and reassuring shades of face powder. Domestic presences as lovable as they are unexpected, fantastic transfiguration of a fairy-tale, sometimes surreal, world that combines the practical and emotional function of play in a single object.
Injected flame retardant foam with wooden base. Natural vegetable leather without any kind of protective treatment or dye. It is a bare skin with a very fine structure and which has all the natural characteristics of a leather. It is extremely soft to the touch but like all untreated skins it is delicate and sensitive to stains. Exposure to light makes skin darker over time.