Vaghi specializes in office and community seating
Since 1964 Vaghi has dedicated themselves to the production of office chairs, with artisan care for the details and finishes of each product, following the principles of ergonomic , sophisticated and functional design.

When craftsmanship meets technology
strong in the artisan knowledge, which distinguishes the best Italian tradition, Vaghi’s crafts specialists know how to add to attention to detail and refined design, a courageous openness to the most advanced technologies, with which they face constructive and ergonomic problems, ensuring the best result for a clientele that is ever more attentive.

Sustainability, a concrete commitment
Vaghi is consistently looking for new ways to extend the life of their products and reduce its impact on the environment. They have developed strict operating standards and policies to ensure that each of their employees have a safe and healthy work environment.

They have received multiple ISO Certifications over the years:
ISO 9001-2015
ISO 14001-2015
ISO 45001-2018

Design and research, a winning combination.
The continuous collaboration with architects, research institutes and certification centers has allowed us to propose, in over fifty years of history, a vast series of exclusive models inspired by the most innovative principles of design and ergonomics.