The Entranceway: Your entranceway offers visitors a first impression of your home, a grand statement to say; this is a collection that represents who I am, what I love and where I can’t wait to come home to each and every day. It must scream, “helloooo, this is moi, welcome!!” So, what’s your preference? Linear and Modern, Glamorous and Glitz, Neoclassical, Traditional, Eclectic or Contemporary… The list of styles can go on and on and I love them all– so long as it’s done right. There are of course, essential pieces: a simple mirror to check your makeup in as you run out the door, a dish to stash your keys, a glass vase for seasonal blooms. But also consider thinking about these entranceway essentials in another light; transform your space into the beguiling first act of your future guests’ visit. How can it call you back home from a tiring workday or a long excursion away? Here’s a quick test, when you’ve been on a trip and you walk through the door, what’s your first thought? Is it “ahhhh, I love my home – so happy to be back,” or is it “oh gawd, I gotta do something about this place!!!”? True, balancing these elements of the entranceway’s design is no simple feat, but Oben Shops makes it easy. Just take a look at some of our pieces in this month’s Edit after the jump!

Start with a functional console. Function meets form with the Jolie Console. It’s smooth clear acrylic lines play supporting act to whatever personal curiosities you place upon. Its brass details are perfect to compliment todays favourite fashionable plays on gold or to blend in with with one that is more akin to antique or traditional models. It’s both a functional and a statement piece without being overbearing. It’s one of those investment pieces that will fit in with any style. You absolutely cannot go wrong with this investment piece– and besides, you’ll love it forever.

Reflect on a decorative mirror. Whether you’re going for geometric impact, or trying to find the visual anchor to your space, a mirror is a wise addition to your entranceway. You could treat the Axent Mirror like an art piece, let it take center stage and enhance your entranceway. You could also try the Jannah Mirror and Stand– choose to highlight it’s architectural form alone or give into function and display your most exciting scarves and textiles on one of it’s polished brass rungs. I’d love to add this one to my collection… I have a perfect spot just waiting for it. 

Consider an accent stool. Give yourself somewhere to take your shoes off with the Oliver Stool. The crystalline design creates an artistic mood while serving a purpose. Or, try our Alma Chair. I love coming home to these each day and so do my kids– they jump all over them coming home from or getting ready for school. If the Alma can stand the test of my three boys…they’ll be a sturdy fit in your home too, trust me!

Rotating vases and pots brings life to the space. Put your eclectic collection of vases to good use, and if you don’t have one check out our vases and pots section. May I suggest some statement options: the Shadow Vase to lend a playful air to the room, the Lis Vase for an artisanal feel, or Reia Vase to create a more constructionist feel.  Or, how about Lend a Hand to add an unexpected touch. There are so many styling options when it comes to vases. Style them alone as a sculptural piece, try fresh flowers for an added aroma, or display with dried branches for a fuss-free organic touch.

Eschew tradition and take inspiration from gallery design. Instead of all that, try a more visual approach. If you have a grand foyer, create an artistic showcase using a unique piece such as the Stella Accent Table. Let it speak for itself by pairing it with the simple-yet-effective Terrel Bowl to house your keys and ephemera in. Or, shift the focus and create a dynamic composition from any angle with a sculptural pendant lamp. Just be sure to pair it with a more subdued table. There’s the Atom 6 Lamp in brass or black, or go luxe and try hanging the Bilboa Chandelier at eye level.

I hope this was a fun “entranceway” into our blog series! Follow our instagram to be updated on upcoming Edits.


April 03, 2021 — Furniture